Novaraistis state ornithological preserve

See off the migrating birds to the warm lands during the autumn, and welcome them
back for hatching season to the native swamp in the spring. Up to 2,000 cranes gather
at the same time in the place that became a natural haven for birds, this is the largest
flock of cranes of such nature in Lithuania. 33 species of birds, included in the list of
protected species of the European Union and the Lithuanian Red Data Book, were
identified in the territory of the preserve.
After arranging in advance, you will be escorted to the national ornithological
preserve by foresters.

Skulptūrų autrius
2020-10-01 Sveiki. Vakar apžiūrėjome Novaraisčio platybes. Domintų, kas skulptūrų, esančių prie stebėjimo bokšto, autorius. Gal ir kokia lentelė su šia informacija praverstų?