While travelling along this route, you will see Sudargas castle mounds, you will hear out about Zanavykai way of life and their household at the ethnographic homestead, also you will experience a theatrical excursion, see and wade in a unique river-street, you will have the opportunity to listen to the first open-air carillon in Lithuania, as well as enjoy Zypliai Manor. House and the collection of 50,000 exhibits collected at the Zanavykai Museum. And after such an eventful day, during culinary tasting "Zanavykai ragaucius", at the Kuchmistriai restaurant, you will taste traditional zanavykai dishes, ranging from roasted cabbage to acorn coffee.




  • Zanavykai Museum excursion
  • Zypliai Manor homestead with guide services
  • "Zanavykai raqaučius"
  • Gelqaudiškis manor
  • Sudargas castle mounds
  • Rural tourism homestead "Suvalkiečio sodyba"
  • Lecture "Six berries"

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