About Suvalkija

It is necessary to visit Suvalkija 4 times in your lifetime in 4 different stages of your life!

The direction for Families is nature!

The recommended directions for families with small children are Kalvarija and Kazlų Rūda, which are distinguished by the recreation created in the forests and various landscape reserves.

Lithuanian Miami
Marijampolė, which boasts of a spectacular play of colours, light and water at night, attracts couples, active leisure and modern art lovers, who want to spend a cosy and romantic time.

Vilkaviškis tempts to discover Napoleon's footprints
Middle aged travellers, which are lured by the secrets of Lithuanian history, will be invited to discover Napoleon's footprints and historic Jewish cultural trails in Vilkaviškis. There is a fascinating glow of ice sculptures and fire in Vilkaviškis as well.

Šakiai is the land of royal privileges
Mothers or grandmothers, who want to feel what it means to be a lady at least for one day, are invited to visit Šakiai. Šakiai can offer baking a spit cake, making cheese, degustation of mansion cuisine and degustation of wine made from dandelions, potatoes or gooseberries, old crafts. Šakiai have farms maturing delicacies of the national heritage and ethnographic homesteads of Suvalkiečiai, classical music festivals, here you can watch thousands of cranes.

Šakiai will open the doors of noble mansions, introduce the centuries-old traditions of the Zanavykai region, the culinary heritage, various cognitive education activities and the enchanting nature of Suvalkija plains and beautiful mounds