By bike in Šakiai region

The land of forks invites you to get to know, discover, hear and feel the pedals of a bicycle.

While traveling, you will see Šakiai city, Šventaduobė in Plokščiai, the Vaiguva river - street, Gelgaudiškis manor and park. While pedaling your bike, you will admire the well-kept homesteads and fertile plains of Zanavyki, because the Zanavyki region is nurtured by hardworking hands, remembering the great times from ancient times to the present day.


  1. Šakiai - the capital of Zanavykija (1 hour) . You will start your journey in the heart of the city of Šakiai - a square that boasts the only carillon in an open square in Lithuania.
  2. Ploščiai - Šventaduobė and Vaiguva river - street (1.5 hours) . In Ploščiai, the Vaiguva river-street is the only one of its kind in Europe. This is an unusual stream, as the local residents can only reach their homes by driving along it. And now there is also an exhibition space for photo artists.
  3. Gelgaudiškis manor and park (1.5 hours) . In the palace of Gelgaudiškis manor, a unique interior decoration has been preserved - secession. The original stoves were also restored. The manor park is the largest in Užnemunė with an avenue of silver maples, an educational trail and a spring.
  4. Return to Šakis.

The length of the route is 45 km. Duration 6-7 hours. The route and time can be adjusted.

It is possible to order lunch during the trip - in Plokščiai (picnic at the recreation area or order and bring a picnic basket, food at the community house).

You must have your own bikes. Bicycle pick-up and drop-off service can be ordered (price depends on distance).


Guide service for the whole group 150 euros.

Guide Birutė Bendoraitienė

YOU CAN ORDER : Phone: +37063747773 or +37068726266 e-mail Mr. [email protected]