Royal day with Zanavykai

We will start the trip at the renewed V. Kudirka museum, where you will get acquainted with the history of Kudirka Naumiestis, activity of V. Kudirka and members of the bell movement, and will go per your choice to J. Jablonskis museum or ethnographic Čekauskai museum, where you will see the gathered unique exhibition of levels, various items, furniture, and tools. In the middle of the trip there will be a dinner at Šakiai café Kiba, here you will find zanavyai meals as well as youth favoured modern meals. The eventful day will continue at Zanavykai museum, where you will get acquainted with zanavykai history, zanavykai culture, household, and crafts. Later you will watch the programme of Šakiai circus school, during which you will hear Lithuanian folk music and see the motives of the national costume in use. The trip will have an active finish: you will search for Napoleon's treasure in Kiduliai manor, or will enjoy water entertainment at Šakiai youth creativity and sports center.


  • V. Kudirka museum
  • J. Jablonskis homeland or Čekauskai etnographicmuseum (choose)
  • Lunch at cafe Kiba
  • Zanavykai Museum
  • Performance of Šakiai circus school
  • Search for Napoleon treasure at Kiduliai manor or Šakiai swimming pool (choose)

Created for families, children, and schoolchildren.

Orders are being taken by telephone: +37063747773