On the picturesque slope of the Nemunas river stands Gelgaudiškis manor court revived for the new life in 2012, retaining the special aura of XIX century after the restoration. Maple alley grows by the manor, manor park has been created . In 1972 here were filmed scenes of the legendary Lithuanian film "Tadas Blinda", and today even 5 different excursions are waiting for you. During the sightseeing excursion, guests of the manor are met by the manor lady, who acquaints with the history of the manor, the unique decoration of the manor (secession), the lifestyle of the manor in the early XIXth-XXth century. During the guided tour of the manor with a dance lesson, after the walk guests are greeted by the second lady of the manor, inviting them to learn some funny dance-games, choreografy of which is not very difficult, after that the sightseeing tour continues.
During the excursion with a dance lesson and a manor feast tourists are served 3 types of manor cheese, doughnuts, cocoa, coffee, tea or home kvass, while listening to stories about manor cuisine.
During the theatrical excursion participants are met by the manor lord, who shows the manor, and then,
together with the guests turns towards the park, in the center of with 8 roads intersect. Game meat,
prepared by hunters, is awaiting for everyone here feast, you can blow a hunting horn or enjoy some shooting. Guests are met by serfs by the assessor's grave,
cries of a little shepherd girl, who lost her geese, guests are served with cheese snatched from the manor's kitchen, and on the Devil's hill festivities are awaiting: live music, nicely dressed gentlemen, domestic kvass and donuts.

  • Excursion with a guide
  • Children's educational
  • Excursion with a dance lesson
  • Excursion with a dance lesson and feast
  • Theatrical excursion
Gelgaudiškio dvaro sodyba
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