Once this manor belonged to the treasurer of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania Jeronimas Krišpinas
Kiršteinas. Later here resided even three Samogitian bishops of one after another, and in 1807,
while preparing for signing of a capitulation treaty with French Emperor Napoleon, here stayed
the King of Prussia himself, Wilhelm III. Today, in a cosily restored little manor culture is
nourished: there is a library, a variety of events take place, educational lessons are conducted
the former Kiduliai brick yard heritage is preserved by setting up an exposition of bricks and tiles.
The Kiduliai Manor offers to go back to the 19th century and enjoy the history trails. During the
excursion with a theatrical manorial dance program, but you will not only watch, but also learn
how to dance, get acquainted with the peculiarities and delicacies of the court life. At the
wooden terrace of the manor you will be able to rest with a cup of tea and taste a delicious meal,
and then search for a hidden Napoleon's Treasure under the three-trunk oak.

  • Excursion with a theatrical manor dance programme 
  • Excursion with a theatrical manor dance programme 
  • Search for Napoleon's Treasure

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